Aerosoft CRJ Update Released plus FREE GIVEAWAY

Today is the third day after the release of CRJ.  Aerosoft continues to work hard on the CRJ add-on and can provide you with the first update today! You can find information in the patch notes:


Has been added:

  • FMS: Keyboard controls for selected heading, selected airspeed and selected VS/Pitch
  • GSX Config Files (thanks to Ian Richardson)


  • FMS: CTD on Fix Info page
  • ED2: Yaw Damper and Stab Trim messages rotating with rudder trim indicator
  • ISI: Brightness is occasionally set to -1 causing the display background to go dark

This add-on spent Aerosoft 7 years on it.  To give our appreciation for such effort,  SIMGAZINE is going to giveaway a copy of Aerosoft CRJ to our readers for FREE. Wanna try your luck? Join our lucky draw NOW.

The enrollment is from now until August 15 at 0800zz. The result will be announced on August 15 at 1000zz in SIMGAZINE

Good Luck~

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- This lucky draw is open to all our readers except all staff of SIMGAZINE and all other related promotional partners.
- You must submit your real first name, surname and the valid E-mail address.
- You must have a valid PayPal account for redemption
- All winners will be notified by E-mail within 24 hours after the lucky draw is closed.
- The winners will be selected randomly by
- The product will be delivered within a reasonable timeframe.
- SIMGAZINE have final say in competition winner
- All products must be adhered to the EULA of the prize


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