Aerosoft DC-8 Updates with Feature List

Aerosoft today gave us a deep dive of their WIP add-on, DC-8. 



  • Realistic simulation of DC-50 series aircraft with Pratt & Whitney JT3D-3B engines.
  • Immersive sound sourced in some instances from real DC-8 aircraft.
  • Accurate visual external and VC models from drawings and more than 1000 photographs.
  • VC modeled using measurements made in real flight deck.
  • Custom coding of fuel, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and flight surface systems using real DC8 manuals.
  • Custom engine, EPR and flight modeling using real world performance charts.
  • Included PDF performance charts to set power, determine v-speeds, landing and maneuver speeds, set takeoff trim, plan fuel load and more.
  • In sim loading screen to load passengers, cargo and fuel correctly into ten available tanks.
  • Realistic simulation of dual inertial navigation (INS) units.
  • INS waypoints may be entered manually or simply by loading an FSX flight plan.
  • Optional INS fast alignment.
  • Night lighting with four levels of instrument lighting.
  • Main panel, pedestal and engineers’ panel flood lighting.
  • Custom and P3D v.4 dynamic landing lights.
  • Radar screen with terrain depiction.
  • Panel state saving and loading.
  • Realistic airframe icing that will degrade lift and increase drag until the deicing system is used to remove ice.

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