August Impossilbe – Aerosoft will charge for Airbus P3D v4 upgrade

While most of the major developers have been successfully tuned their paywares to support P3D v4,   Mathijs Kok, the CEO of Aerosoft, announced that the current version A320 will not be upgraded for P3D v4.  Instead, they will (re)develop the “2018 version” with a price tag on it.  BUT all of that will not be happened in August for sure.  Once again, they miss the target and leave us the disappointment behind.  The exact timeline will be updated possibly today.  Indeed, do we really to wait until 2018 as the name of this version?

Here are the extracts from what Mathijs told us in the Aerosoft forum:

  • The current version of the Aerosoft Airbus series will not be made compatible with P3Dv4. While this may sound disappointing, remember that we’ve been receiving updates for it since 2014!
  • (The release of A320 for P3D v4) August is simply not possible and I am not willing to give any further date.
  • There are a lot of variables, some technical, some commercial and some because other projects (professional) always have to take priority. 
  • Aerosoft have assured us before that the new version will come with more than just compatibility
  • There’s a brand new revised virtual cockpit (screenshots below), a host of update to the systems and a more complete MCDU
  • If you have previously purchased the A320/A321 or the A318/A319 series in the past, you will only pay 16 Euro (plus EU VAT)

For the latest updates of Aerosoft to P3D v4, click HERE

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