Aviotek Simulation released Skiathos Island for XP11

Aviotek is proud to announce a brand new, very high detailed scenery for X-Plane 11!  Skiathos Island is now available in great detail trough X-Aviation.com for just $17.95.

“We work with performances in mind, and we did a fantastic job with Skiathos” stated Vittorio, Aviotek Software CEO and Founder. In fact, it runs very smoothly, even if it features 4K textures and detailed objects.

Airport’s ground textures had been realized using a new and ultra-efficient method. The resolution is up to 5cm/px, and the whole surface has been edited manually. You can see luggage moving on the conveyor belt at the terminal. The package includes animated vehicle, objects and boats.

“We spent a lot of time and resources on textures and objects” in fact, you will see realistic cracks on the tarmac, stunning cracked roofs and damaged walls, ambient occlusion FX etc. Everything looks absolutely realistic.

Aviotek decided to bring us also custom 3D ramp agents, bather and spotters, to give an extra touch of realism and life to this fantastic airport.

“We used the very latest technology available in X-Plane 11 to bring realism here, and we did it successfully”. PBR reflections are available here, you will notice them on terminal’s windows. The tarmac is also reflecting sunlight!

Skiathos city is included in this package, all the buildings (more than 600) have been hand-placed all over the city. They feature high quality day and night textures.

The airport is very famous for its approach, airline pilots need a specific training to land there, using NDB procedures.

Be sure to kiss-land the runway, spotters will photograph you!

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