FREEWARE – EDAH Heringsdorf by Captain7 (Download and Review)

Today Captain7 (Well known from their amazing free FSX/P3D Addon Scenery and their collaboration with Twentynine Palms) released their first ever X-Plane scenery for free on the forums. The scenery is a convertion from EDAH Heringsdorf, made and uploaded by Stairport Sceneries.

About Heringsdof Airport (EDAH)

Heringsdof Airport is a very popular destination in the General Aviation world, but it’s also a destination for bigger airlines such as Austrian Airlines, Eurowings and Lufthansa Regional. In 2016 42200 passengers chose to fly to the airport, and that is a big improvement since 2015 when only the half flew to Heringsdorf. The airport has an asphalt runway from 2305m/7562ft by 35m/115ft and 2 grass fields from 600m/1969ft by 30m/98ft. That certifies the airport to have an Airbus A330-300, but currently the biggest aircraft that operates there is an Airbus A319. The ICAO code is EDAH, and the IATA code is HDF.


From the screenshots on the site it looks absolutely stunning. The buildings, the orthoscenery, the ground textures. Everything looks absolutely superb, and is converted and treated with the same amount of work as the FSX and P3D versions.

The texture size looks very big and is done with a great amount of detail. For example: The dirt on the taxi signs. You can clearly see that they are already some years old, and that they didn’t had a cleaning job in a long time. Very great.

In this picture we see a lot. Just take a look at the grass. I would say that they could’ve added more grass, but i guess they didn’t do it to save frames. The textures of the buildings look very crisp and are very realistic, something we sometimes miss in the X-Plane community. The modelling looks very smooth and great, i don’t have more to say. The only let down in the picture, is that the trees behing it are default. They could’ve added custom trees around the airport to make it more realistic. If you have a custom texture set, this isn’t a problem.

For the lightning they have used the well known X-Plane default night lightning. It looks fantastic. And the grass at Sunrise/Sunset also looks great. The sort of shadow that is created is perfect and gives a 3D effect. Overall very nice.

First Impressions

When your loaded up on the runway you can immediately see the detail of the airport. The runway dirt and cracks are very realistic and i like them a lot. They give that used look that you need on an older airport.

The frames are very smooth in the IXEG 737. Inside i get around 30 fps and on the outside i get around 40 fps. Considered Germany is a framerate heavy country and i have a GTX 1050 TI 4GB, this at max settings is very good!

At night the airport looks very good! Most of the airport is covered with X-Plane’s default night lightning, but there are also some parts where LIT textures are running the good life.

The scenery also has a little town included. They probably didn’t look at fixing this up, because no matter how great it looks at night, in daylight you can clearly see some trees in the buildings. This is a downside of the scenery which i didn’t expected. Bummer.

The funny thing is though, while we have enough trees in town, it looks like we’re missing some over here.

At some places it also looks like the ortho has some problems. Default textures are slowly taking over the earth!

I also wanted to see how they did on separating default textures with the ortho. In this scenery it is mixed. In some places it is separated very well, and in some places it..isn’t.

Last but not least, texture resolution. They seem to do everything they could do to make this airport as framerate friendly as possible, which is a great thing. From a close-up they look very pixelated, but from a normal cockpit view it looks like they’re sharp. Very well done to keep this balanced!

Flying around

For my first flight at Heringsdorf i’ve chosen the Rotate MD-88 in the old Germanwings livery. We’re going to take a look at how the scenery looks from a normal pilot perspective, but also how it performs on a framerate heavy aircraft. Watch the video below.


Overall Captain7’s EDAH Heringsdorf is a great scenery at payware level, but it has some flaws that need to be fixed. Ofcourse, for a freeware scenery it is definitly worth downloading. It is a fun airport to fly to in an unpopular flying area for most simmers, but this will change that for sure.

Modelling 9
Texturing 8
Placing 6
Bugs* 7
Worth 10

Overall: 8

*The problems found in the scenery. 1 is none, 10 is many. Problems based on previous addons from developer.

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