Freeware – FSX Enhanced Trees (TreeX)

Many FSX simmers always complain to me about the default texture of the tree.  Got it…How about this one?

Today, we bring along with us the enhanced trees add-on for FSX, TreeX.  TreeX is a set of vegetable textures photorealist for FSX. They are based on true photographs of trees of at least 1024×768 pixels. The trees were routed with the hand and reprocess chromatically so as to keep a certain temperature of constant color. Separately the snag trees, there are no naked trees (e.g. winter). You will keep textures of origin for these trees but without canopy*. All textures of these trees are represented without canopy (except for two type of trees: acacias and olive-trees).

*What is canopy?

It is a horizontal texture making it possible to see the tree with the vertical.


These textures are declined in 3 versions:

(1) 512×512 version called “Hifi”

It is the best made possible. They have the double of precision that those of origin. The framerate suffers little from it: the suppression of canopÈe there is for something.

Maximum advised in the fsx.cfg



(2) 256×256 version called “Quality”

Allows the less powerful configurations to profit from photorealist quality but by accepting a loss from precision. With these textures, the autogen is less heavy than that of origin (once again canopy in less) and certain textures of trees reduced by half compared to those of origin.

(3) 128×128 version called “Performance”

To preserve the colours photorealists, but without any detail. Textures take again a “realistic” aspect with the top of 2500 feet.


Make initially a safeguard of your files of origin if it is not already done!

Unzip the file compressed in a temporary directory.

Choose a resolution among the 3 directory suggested. Select all textures of this directory and Place them in the file textures:

Scenery -> Global
“overwrite” the original ones.

Change of resolution: Copy simply the contents of one of the other directory of the zip and “overwrite” preceding textures.


Replace textures of origin in their directory.

Download link

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