FREEWARE – Ultimate Realism Pack by Predrag Drobac

Does the above video ring your bell?

Today, I would like to introduce you the FREEWARE, named Ultimate Realism Pack.  This is a freeware which enhances the color effect of your flight simulator to increase the realism.  Now, let us take a look at what exactly it is –


Developed by Predrag Drobac aka SimHead, Ultimate Realism Pack is a package designed for Prepar3D v3.1 and up, while the Lite version is ideal for X-Plane 11.  It includes a preset(s) for PTA Tool/ReShade, a set of custom sky and Sun glow textures. The main goal is to achieve the most realistic ambient lighting in Prepar3D with the combination of above factors.

Errrrrm, compatibility?

Sky and sun textures can be used widely in all versions of Prepar3D or even in FSX, but they are designed and tested in Prepar3d v3.x, so I can’t provide support for older versions or FSX.

PTA Tool is compatible with Prepar3D v3.1-3.4, and it is updated on a regular basis.

ReShade v3 is compatible with Direct3D 9, Direct3D 10, Direct3D 11 and OpenGL applications/games.

Is URP free?

Yes! And it will stay that way.

But don’t be fooled, a lot of weeks, days and hours have been invested by the developing team!
You wouldn’t believe how time consuming is to tweak every single value in PTA Tool, then run P3D to test the change. Do that loop for 300+ times and you will get the picture. Not to mention creating and testing custom sky textures and tweaking the colors for hours and hours to match the PTA Tool preset! Oh, did I mention ReShade preset tweaking for hours, then tweak it more to match the preset and skies?

Do this look intimidating to you yet?

Is URP a longterm project?

Yes, this project has been started since May 2016, creating a first preset (URP v0.8) for PTA Tool. Eventually the project grew up with added custom sky and Sun glow textures in v0.9. Since tweaks in PTA Tool are changing to adapt to the latest changes in P3d shaders, I had to adapt URP too, and as you already know it takes time.
Current URP version is v1.1.

Does it affect FPS?

PTA Tool tweaks itself will not eat a single frame, tested it. But if you want to see cloud shadows in P3D, you must enable them in the options and it can take few frames on a weaker systems. In my case, I didn’t noticed any difference in FPS with bunch of shadow options ticked in P3D.

URP ReShade preset could take ~5% of FPS on my machine, but I can’t confirm that for sure since the framerate in P3D fluctuates a bit.

Ultimate Realism Pack Lite for X-Plane 11

As mentioned, URP is not only for Prepar3D.  SimHead has also developed the Lite version for X-Plane 11.

Download link

Click here

Before you download this valuable freeware, please consider to donate to the developers as a way of encouragement.  If you are kind enough to do that, please visit their official site HERE to buy them a beer.

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