Just Flight VC10 Jetliner is released

Just Flight announced that their VC10 Jetliner is now available!

The VC10 is widely regarded as one of the most graceful jet airliners ever created, with its long slim fuselage, clean angled-back wings and graceful swept-back tail surfaces. The aircraft was designed by Vickers-Armstrongs to fly on long-distance BOAC routes between the UK and Africa, which required an aircraft capable of operating from hot airports at high altitudes with short runways. This resulted in an aircraft with superb performance, second only to the supersonic Concorde in terms of speed for a jet airliner.

VC10 Jetliner for Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D includes an accurately modelled Type 1101 (known as the BOAC Standard variant) variant in 10 liveries, including a variety of BOAC and British Airways schemes.

The detailed virtual cockpit features 3D instruments, authentic wear and tear, and all four flight crew positions (Captain, Co-Pilot, Flight Engineer and Navigator) modelled in high detail. Comprehensive but easy-to-use systems are simulated, including a realistic fuel system with transfer and jettison functionality, an autopilot with pitch and bank hold, an autothrottle with IAS and MACH hold capabilities, and simulated powered flying control units (PFCUs). Realistic engine start procedures are possible with ground air supply and cross-bleed, and autostart (Ctrl+E) compatibility allows you to get airborne quickly.

The VC10 is brought to life with distinctive Rolls-Royce Conway engine sounds and realistic and accurate flight dynamics based on real-world performance and handling data as well as input from ex-VC10 crew.

What is the Jetliner product range?

Following the success of our F-Lite (highly detailed but simplified systems) and Professional (study sim, complex systems) product ranges, the Jetliner range was introduced to offer aircraft that sit between these two ranges. At the core of all our aircraft are highly realistic and detailed models, featuring numerous animations and accompanied by authentic flight dynamics and sounds. The Jetliner range of aircraft features aircraft and cockpit systems which retain the ease of use of those found in F-Lite aircraft but with greater depth and complexity for key systems such as the autopilot, fuel and engine start systems.

The Jetliner range offers the perfect stepping stone for virtual pilots looking to transition from F-Lite to Professional, as well as being ideally suited to those at any experience level.

More VC10s in development…

Two more products in the VC10 family – the Super/RAF Expansion Pack and VC10 Professional – are currently in development. The Super/RAF VC10 expansion will include the Super VC10 and RAF (C1 transport and K tanker) variants. VC10 Professional will add further systems complexity and management for those who enjoy study-sim level airliners.

Both products are scheduled for a 2018 release and more details will be made available over the coming months. Existing owners of VC10 Jetliner will be eligible for a discounted price when purchasing VC10 Professional.

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