Orbx released EU Netherlands Photoreal Previews

After John Venema, the CEO of Orbx, announced that they are now working on the FTX EU Netherlands – which is the first scenery package from Orbx to include full photoreal scenery, some more preview screenshots have been released today.


“We can match all building footprints precisely. There is still some work to do to refine things, for example most Dutch people live in row houses (I grew up in one), not detached houses. So working within the limitations of the autogen building system we will refine the buildings to more closely resemble Dutch row houses.” John said.

He then emphasized “These shots here are closer to the ground – notice how unique buildings are shaped exactly how their footprint is (the large industrial building with a circular courtyard in the last shot). You can also see smaller vegetation footprints surrounding crop fields.  And yes, we will have the tulip fields showing from April-May for the season”


As soon as Orbx releases this scenery, we will update you.

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