[Weekend AAP Updates] Who is outside the cockpit door of the Aerosoft Airbus?

Mathijs, the spokesperson from Aerosoft, gave us an update for the Aerosoft Airbus Professional (AAP) over the weekend. Let us see what is the currrent status


Good progress on bug killing, we now really see the number of things go down and the only ‘new’ development going on (where new code is made) is on the Immersion module. That one triggers all the. animation and sound effects not directly linked to aircraft systems. For that I did today some sound recordings for the flight attendant that rings the flight deck doorbell (you hear the door chime). Then you check the door cam to see who it is and unlock the door. 

Moments later you hear the flight attendant saying hi and you’ll have your coffee (and no, you will not see the person, just the coffee. We need more graphical power to start animating persons on the flight deck). 

Stefan also added the last few changes we wanted on the VC. we removed the CRT that hangs from the ceiling at the back (as that function is now in the lower ECAM as you have seen) and the High Altitude button is inserted.

Further testing is going on with the TrueGlass and RealLight modules. They are still very GPU memory demanding but we are able to shave off a few MB here and there.  After release we need to see if we are forced to make models without these enhancement. The VC itself is very very lean, less memory used than most of the high end aircraft. Remains an item we are closely monitoring. Soon we should have the new sounds from Turbine. These are completely new recordings, not reworked sets of the old files and Christoffer believes they are pretty darned good. This was one of the important dates on the timeline as I really wanted new updated and more accurate sounds. The latest cockpits of the A320 line are much quieter then older and we wanted to make sure we have that right.

All in a very good week and we are on the release schedule we agreed upon! 

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