PTA Activation Issues

An hour ago, Matt Davies announced via E-mail that PTA is having an activation issue at the moment.


Hi all,

Just this morning, I was told that people were experiencing failures when activating PTA for P3D v4 (2.51). Normally with stuff like this, it’s an easy remedy as we have direct control over the server – usually a reboot works just fine. However…

When I purchased PTA, although I was given the source code to the program plus all of the server side code, for ease, we decided to keep the current server that you use to activate PTA live. This server is not owned by us (it belongs to Yuri, the original PTA developer).

It would seem this morning, said server has been completely nuked – I am not sure of the reason why and to be quite frank, I don’t have the energy to keep chasing people around.

So, now is the time to take full control and set up our own activation server. We’re doing this as we speak.

There will be an update to PTA soon with the reflected changes as to which server is used to activate the product – all I ask for is a little time.

Note: If you purchased PTA during the down time, you will be put into a queue for your serial to be assigned to your account – once the activation server is back up we’ll sort this out for you as a matter of urgency.

I understand this is frustrating – I have been tearing my hair out all morning trying to resolve this.

Thanks for your patience and support – I’ll keep you updated.



PTA, known as P3D Tweat Assistant, which is a freeware for Prepar3D-32 bit.  However, Matt purchased the source code with a 5-digit amount from the original developer earlier this year and changed it to a payware after he re-coded it for P3D v4.

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