[Released] Shanghai Hongqiao International by WF Scenery

WF Scenery Studio has released their updated version of Shanghai Hongqiao International (ZSSS) for P3Dv4. Some of the updated features include dynamic lighting, custom ground polys for the aprons and taxiways, and SODE jetways.

Shanghai Hongqiao International airport is  an important aviation hub located close to downtown Shanghai, China. In 2016, the airport handled over 45 million passengers, making it China’s 7th busiest airport, and the 45th busiest airport in the world.

Key Features

  • Custom ground polys for the apron and taxiway including realistic textures.
  • Realistic ground markings
  • Hand-placed plants
  • Dynamic lights
  • Animated Trains (CHR)
  • Animated airport vehicles
  • Animated jetways (Sode Jetways)
  • Rebuilt ‘A’ building at the T1 terminal
  • Volumetric Grass
  • Terminal Interior
  • Buildings and terminals represent the current real-world airport status.

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