Submit Your Reviews

At SIMGAZINE, we believe a reliable and neutral product review should be written by the end-users, not our editors.  We encourage our audiences to share their opinions among the Flight Simulation Community. Therefore, we invite you to submit your review for any flight simulation related product of your choice.  Once your review is published, a small reward of US$10* will be given as an encouragement.  Meanwhile, your name will be stated as the “author” of the review.

The review should cover the following areas:

– Testing Environment (Applicable for software / Add-ons)
– Pros and Cons of the product
– Your evaluation on Price and Value for money
– Recommended Product or Discouraged Product to the potential purchasers, with reasons
– The review should be in English

The initiation of this is to ensure the developers will develop something from the simmer prospective. Please contribute to our community by sharing your review !  

* US$10 will be in cash-equivalent form of reward.  It can be cash, voucher, flight simulator related payware and hardware.